Zoom Control And Zoom Example

In this option we have show zoom control and zoom example here, press plus and minus symbol for show result, so you can insert and get it.

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Zoom Control And Zoom Example

[gmap_advanced zoom_control="yes" location_marker="no"]
[gmap_advanced zoom="3" location_marker="no"]

Zoom Control Yes

Street View Control Example

We are show in this shortcode google map advanced pan control and street view control example here. if you want, you can set your company location address, chose any custom marker.

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Street View Control Example

[gmap_advanced street_view_control="yes" lat="40.7088271" lng="-74.0042304" zoom_control="no" address="Your Address Here]

Street View Control Example

Marker And Custom Marker Example

In this shortcode we have show google map advanced marker and custom marker example here. if you want, you can set your company location.

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Zoom Control And Zoom Example

[gmap_advanced location_marker="yes" zoom_control="no"]

[gmap_advanced zoom_control="no" custom_marker="images/sampledata/custom-marker1.png"]

Marker Yes Example

Custom Marker Example

Multiple Marker Example

If you want you can set for your company location of multiple marker.

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Zoom Control And Zoom Example

[gmap_advanced id="google_map" lat="40.692453|40.6945709|40.694081" lng="-73.9916732|-73.9961656|-73.9889804" title="You can set title here" address="50 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States|112 Montague St Brooklyn, NY 11201|6 Metrotech Ctr Brooklyn, NY 11201" style="map_style_9"]

Google Map Advanced Style Example

We have show in this example google map advanced of default, map_style_1, map_style_2, map_style_3, map_style_4, map_style_5, map_style_6, so you can set for your company location of any style.

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Google Map Advanced Style Example

[gmap_advanced  width="400" height="220" zoom_control="no" location_marker="no"]

[gmap_advanced style="map_style_1" width="400" height="220" zoom_control="no" location_marker="no"]		

[gmap_advanced style="map_style_2" width="400" height="220" zoom_control="no" location_marker="no"]		

[gmap_advanced style="map_style_3" width="400" height="220" zoom_control="no" location_marker="no"]

[gmap_advanced style="map_style_4" width="400" height="220" zoom_control="no" location_marker="no"]		

[gmap_advanced style="map_style_5" width="400" height="220" zoom_control="no" location_marker="no"]		

Style default

Style Subtle Grayscale

Style Turquoise Water

Style Blue Cyan

Style Propia Effect

Style Midnight Commander

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