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File Download

File Download Example

This is the shortcode here show File Download example below. You can get facility in this shortcode item URL of file, Color, Radius, Padding, Margin, Button Color, Button, Hover Color, Background and show-hide each element(file name, visit counter, download counter, like counter).

Get shortcode

File Download Example

            [file_download url="images/sample_file.zip" color="#000000" radius="3px" padding="25px" margin="0" button_color="#F9FDFF" button_hover_color="#fff" button_background="#4fc1e9" button_hover_background="#3bafda" download_speed="20" show_file_size="yes"]
Download Now

File name: sample_file.csv

3680 252

CSV File download example

Download Now

File name: sample_file1.zip

3680 261

Zip File Download Example

Download Now

File name: sample_file.pdf

7352 362

PDF File Download Example

Download Now

File name: sample_file.zip

3680 340

Speed Limit 20KB Example

Download Now

File name: sample_file.pdf

7353 362

No Resume Example (2KB speed for demonstration)

Download Now

File name: sample_file.jpg

3680 255

New Name When Download

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