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Post Grid Loading & Filter Animation Example

Defines which animation to use for items that will be shown or hidden after a filter has been activated. The plugin use the best browser features available (CSS3 transitions and transform, GPU acceleration). Besides, From here you can also set many animation- fadeOut, quicksand, boxShadow, bounceLeft, bounceTop, bounceBottom, moveLeft, slideLeft, fadeOutTop, sequentially, skew, slideDelay, 3d Flip, rotateSides, flipOutDelay, flipOut, unfold, foldLeft, scaleDown, scaleSides, frontRow, flipBottom, rotateRoom

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Post Grid Filter Animation Example

			[post_grid source="k2-category: 1,17,18,15,16" loading_animation="bottomToTop" filter_animation="flipOutDelay" filter_style="4"]
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